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Анна Садовская

Bridal Makeup

I will always be grateful to Nadiya for the feeling of confidence in my special day! Ladies! If you need not only amazing makeup for any occasion but also a great mood - she's all you need!!! She will always listen and find what's best just for you, highlighting your individuality, or creating absolutely new image - a new role for one day! Love yourself and pamper!! Surprise your loved ones! Remember: “Beauty is an open letter of recommendation that wins hearts for us in advance.” (c) A. Schopenhauer, - put your trust in professional writing!

Алёна Калькис

Bridal Makeup

Nadia is a very talented makeup artist and beautiful woman. She knows how to work with any type of face. Makeup in her performance is always unique and original.

Юлия Котова

Glam Makeup

Nadiya, very cool and professional master! She works only with good and high-quality cosmetics! And for me as a client, an individual approach is very important, which I get when I come to my favorite master for make-up! Nadiya will always offer the best makeup for any event! Love her! Smokey Eyes is my favorite style for an evening event by Nadiya Mashkina Makeup Artist!

Amy Mertins

Wise Women Makeup

Nadiya has done my makeup over 10 times. She is an expert with finding the right makeup style for anyone and any type of face. She created an absolutely gorgeous look on me and I received numerous compliments! I would recommend her to anyone! She also has a charming personality and has such a passion for making you look your best!!!

Sherry Dahl

Speciale Event Makeup

Nadiya has done my makeup twice so far. She takes extreme pride in her work and is passionate about finding a look that is perfect for you and the event you are attending. She treats your face like it is a palette for her artwork. And the results have been truly terrific. Both times she did my makeup, I felt absolutely fabulous and beautiful, plus I received numerous compliments. I would recommend her to anyone!

Kiara V. García Lozano

Bridal Makeup

Great make up artist!!! Such a beautiful person inside and out. Extremely nice and knows how to stand out your best features. I would 100% recommend it!

Crystal (police officer)

Glam Makeup

She's done my makeup twice! She is so talented. Definitely give her a try u won't be sorry. Plus I got to play with her dog Twinkey and CC the cat :)

Rease Kirchner

Natural Makeup

Nadiya truly is an artist. She can do so many incredible looks - but what I like most about her style is that she doesn't force a look on you that isn't YOUR personality. I don't wear a lot of makeup and I'm not super comfortable with it. Nadiya designed a more "natural" look for me that made me feel beautiful but not masked in makeup. I'm mixed race and a lot of people have trouble with my eyes because of my partial Asian heritage - I end up with colors & lines that get hidden or look weird on my eye shape. Nadiya knew exactly how to accent those features and I was thrilled with the results. I wish she could do my makeup for every event in my life!

Maryna Vorontsova

Bridal Makeup

Hi, everyone! Let me say that she is really cool about what she is doing! I know Nadya for all my life and almost 20 years she is my best stylist! Her make up for any occasion looks perfect and suits you wonderfully.. she improves her skills continually uses only new technique and cosmetics to make you look beautiful and even better we can imagine... Don't miss your chance to work with her..you will be impressed with the result..!!

Anna Mukhina

Natural Makeup

Nadiya is a pro when she applies makeup. She knows which style is suitable for eyes and what is good for you. She made my makeup many times, and it’s always a great opportunity to work with her. If you want to look very beautiful for your occasion, don’t hesitate to rely on her 👍 and check my profile picture 😉

Brendy Lee Guz DeLeon

Glam Makeup

love it. she did a awesome job

Mary Jo La Tona

Special Event Makeup

Nadiya sure knows her makeup she will find you the perfect foundation covering up anything you need to be covered up. She blends your eye shadow for all occasions. Nadiya can select the most flattering colors for any skin tone. I recommend you treat yourself to one of the most amazing makeup experience from a beautiful, talented make up artist named Nadiya


Nadiya Mashkina

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