About Nadiya Mashkina

Hi, my name is Nadiya Mashkina.



I provide my ladies (and men) with the best professional service possible. I use special techniques to enhance your true beauty and listen carefully to your unique vision of the look that you want. You can expect only a friendly attitude and high-end service at all times. I work with all genders, ages, skin-tones, and wishes. Everyone will receive celebrity treatment.

I am considered an exotic Makeup Artist from Ukraine. My true passion has always been beauty since I was 3 years old, when I, for the first time took my mom’s red lipstick and…that was it! I started developing my skills on a professional level when I turned 13 (more than 20 years ago) doing makeup for everyone and realizing that no one believed me when I said it was my hobby, that I did it for free and not for profit. It was tons of voluntary work!

My life journey took me around the world performing shows at 5 stars hotels, dancing, hosting events, teaching different styles of dances, and makeup was always part of it!

My life experience and diversity in vision help me recreate so many different types of makeup such as ethnicity type – European, American, Latin, Brazilian, Asian, Russian, Indian, or event style such as Video/Photography, TV, Podium, Red Carpet.

I love to work with ALL skin colors – from very pale to very deep. And there is absolutely no preference for me with my client’s age – from very young needing just a spritz of powder to my very “Wise” clients needing a lot of moisture for most comfortable makeup wear. I absolutely enjoy working with all genders, skin colors, and ages!

Not to mention my excitement with each client’s transformation, listening to individual needs, and always having a joyful and friendly personality.

Come and experience this magic touch of mine!

Allow me to show you another side of YOU!

Come join the oasis of glam, beauty & fun.

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